Knitting for needy

Knitting for needy

Winter temperatures rolled into Portage County this week. A unique event put on by a campus organization helps those in need. Tyler Trill has more.

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A familiar friend reappeared in Portage County this week, bitter cold temperatures. The winter-like temperatures forced residents to pull out the heavier jackets and warm hats.

But not everyone in the area is fortunate enough to be properly clothed for the winter.

Candy Pollard, Manager of the Portage County Clothing Center, said the center services nearly 900 people per week, meaning the demand for clothing for the needy in the area is high.

“There’s a big need out there,” Pollard said.  “A lot of people, maybe they don’t have the money, or they’re just too poor, even if they work.”

Pollard said the center gets a lot of donations, nearly 500,000 pounds in clothing per year. That still not enough to keep everyone warm right now.

Pollard said it is devastating to see little children come to the center without a winter coat. Currently, t-shirts, tank tops and shorts fill the center’s children section.

The adult clothing area lacks volume, too. The sweater section is sparse, and the center allots one pair of a jeans per person.

A campus organization is doing its part to keep the needy warm this winter.

Knitting for Those in Need held it’s 4th annual Knit-a-thon Friday. Kent State graduate Diane Baldridge created the Knit-a-thon as a way to give back to the community

Student president of Knitting for Those in Need, Julie Jimenez said around 100 member from the campus and community participated in the knitting, and over 100 items were completed.

After completion, the knitted good lined tables for local agencies to collect and distribute to the less fortunate.

Jimenez said this event is a great way for the university to affiliate with the community, while servicing those who need help.

“Because of these community and university organizations, these events bring them together, we build a tighter bond with community members.”

Jimenez said the knitters love the event because they can see first hand their projects being collected by agencies that give back.

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