Kat’s Vision of Success

Kat’s Vision of Success

Anchor Intro:  Philanthropies are the corner stone of Greek Life in Kent, as one happens just about every week. Chi-Omega brought a new way to raise money, by singing and Kat Piascik was the “madwoman” behind it all. Ty Sugick has the story.


(Reporter): You are witnessing Chi-Omega’s  first annual Chi-O Karaoke event to raise money for three separate charities. With the  various philanthropy events held on campus to connect all of greek life for good causes.

Do you ever wonder who organizes these events?

Well meet Kat Piascik a senior here at Kent, and a sister of Chi-Omega, whom was responsible for the planning of Chi-o Karaoke.

(Kat): “Each girl (Chi-Omega sister) was required to fundraise $50, which was a new thing that we did this semester. That was kind of a big part of the reason we were able to raise so much money. From there was little planning things like schedules. It can be overwhelming.”

(Stand-up): As Kat said planning can be overwhelming, from fundraising to even sound-checks.  A few lessons were learned in the process. Here is Chi-Omega’s President Ali Boroch with her thoughts of the event.

(Ali): “It exceed our expectations. I’d say we gave Kat 95%of all responsibilities for Chi-O Karaoke between here and her assistant, and I believe they did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier.”

(Reporter): Even though Kat planned the event there were still a few surprises.. even for her. Her boyfriend participated and sang Ed Sheeran’s- Thinking out loud to her.

(Kat):  “I had no idea that he was going to sing to me. I was running around like a mad woman and I knew he was performing next so I made sure to up there. Then as soon as he turned and looked at because he knew where I was sitting, I was like OH MY GOD! and the rest was history.”

(Sig-out): Kat’s vision was a success as Chi-O Karaoke raised over $19,000. For Tv2 KSU I’m Ty Sugick.

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