New Campus Building

New Campus Building


ANCHOR INTRO: The College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology is leaving Van Deusen Hall for a new and state of the art home . TV2’s Jarrod Evangelist has the story.

These students are few of the many experiencing the new resources at the Aeronautics and Technology building. While these students are constructing for their class, Kent State just finished constructing and opened the building this semester. The building is the new home to the College of Applied Engineering , Sustainability and Technology. The 55,000 square foot building includes advanced labs for its construction, engineering and aeronautics programs.

Interior Design Junior Sean Stewart says the building has been a great learning tool despite having a major not belonging to the school.

” It really helps us out because we have the room and the occupancy to actually build little modules and it actually helps us out visualizing how to implement all of this into our designs.”

While students here are taking advantage of the new resources at the Aeronautics and Technology building, it’s an important asset to the university as well.

The main reason for a change of location is due to an old and decaying Van Deusen Hall. The building hasn’t seen any renovations in over 60 years until now.

Interim Dean Robert Sines say the university’s decision for the new building shows its commitment to education.

“The reports I get back from the students are their very ecstatic about it. It shows are real commitment by the university .”

While the building may be open, a grand opening is scheduled for April 24. and further developments are expected in the upcoming fall semester.

For TV2 KSU, I’m Jarrod Evangelist


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