Aiko: Kent’s police dog

Aiko: Kent’s police dog


Aiko is a staple of the Kent police Department. He’s worked with Sergeant Jim Ennemoser since 2009 .

Aiko is trained as a narcotics officer. He can sniff out marijuana, crack cocaine, meth and heroine. He’s also able to patrol and do apprehension work, protection, and building searches.

Patrolman Josh Nelson has been with the department for 3 years and sees an advantage to having a canine around.

“They help out in a lot of different ways. It’s beneficial to have them. It stinks when you have to call a dog from another area, another department to try to get a dog to come out when you need it for the sniff of a vehicle, a track of somebody that’s lost, or injured, or that ran from you, all those things. When you have them here on station or working that day, it’s easy to call them out.”

Aiko has spent the majority of his life on the job but he still likes being petted, going on walks, and playing with toys like most dogs would.

In fact, Sergeant Ennemoser has built a very close relationship with Aiko outside of work and they share an undeniable bond.

“I’m basically with the dog 24 hours a day because they go home with us- they go home with me. I’m on call, I have a take-home cruiser. I’m with the dog more than my family because they go to and from work with me.”

Aiko continues to bring a friendly and approachable dynamic to the police department because after all, “Everybody, I mean almost everyones loves dogs.”

For TV2 KSU , I’m Stefanie Kilnapp

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