Dangers of Distracted Walking

Dangers of Distracted Walking


Texting while driving isn’t the only dangerous activity involving a cellphone .

A new study done by the pew charitable trust says distracted walking is one of the biggest causes with pedestrian injuries.

Distracted walking is walking while texting, web browsing or listening to music. According to the study this could cause you to run into poles, fall off curbs and twist ankles.

Kent state sophomore Jenna Myler knows first hands how distracted driving can cause injury. Myler said,“I’ve stepped off a curb when I was walking and texting.”

Distracted walking could cause a person to cross a street with oncoming traffic or fall off a cliff like like a women in Alaska did in 2012.

The study says that pedestrian injuries do to distracted walking has seen an increase of 35 percent since 2010. The study also says that there are likely thousands more cases that go unreported each year making the real number of cases much higher.

Some states like Utah and New Jersey are cracking down on distracted walkers with Utah charging $50 for using cell phones next to railways. New Jersey has used preexisting jay walking laws to discourage the act. Ohio doesn’t have any laws against the act.

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