Karaoke for a cause

Karaoke for a cause

Anchor: Greek life is very popular around college campuses, it has been around over 100 years. But being in a greek fraternity and sorority isn’t all about having parties. A big part of greek life is philanthropy, and Saturday night the sisters of Chi Omega hosted a new event for a good cause.



The Sisters of Chi Omega held a new philanthropy event Saturday night here at Kent State; Chi O Karaoke. The competition consisted of three rounds, each round had a different theme, and with each round the number of contestants decreased. Judges selected who made it from round to round an inevitably the winner.

Many  Fraternities and sororities participated resulting in a quite entertaining display of events.

Samantha Velotta, a sister of the Delta Gamma Sorority, was one of the many participants.

Samantha: I did I was fortunate enough to participate with both my sorority and a cappella group. It was very fun.  I loved it theres nothing in the greek community quite like this, so it was really exciting to be apart of a new philanthropy event and I just love attending them in general.

Stand up: Like all greek philanthropy events energy wasn’t the only thing that was raised tonight. There was a lot of money raised for a good cause: the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Chi Omega philanthropy has been the Make-A-Wish Foundation since 2002. And since that time the sorority has raised over 12.9 million dollars nation-wide for Make-A-Wish.

Meghan Fitzgerald a sister of the Chi Omega sorority says they raise the money to grant the wishes of those who cant afford them.

Meghan: Our philanthropy is Make-A-Wish. one thing we really love about it is we get to grant wishes to children who cant even afford it them selves because of all the medical bills.  We raised over 19,000 dollars so we are really proud of our first try. Especially cause we want it to grow, and hopefully from here it will get even bigger and bigger and people will love it it even more.

The first Annual Chi O Karaoke was a huge success for the sisters of Chi Omega, with such a strong start it will be amazing to see how this event grows. For Broadcast Beat Reporting I’m Shawn Wilson.

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