Seniors Prepare for Graduation

Seniors Prepare for Graduation

As the spring semester reaches the halfway point, many seniors are preparing for their upcoming graduation from Kent State. Jacob talked with some of them to find out their feelings on leaving school.


Tori Scheaffer is showing me pictures from throughout her years at Kent State.

A lot has happened during her time here. She declared a psychology major, got married and bought a house in the area.

And now, with only about two months left in the spring semester, many of the 6,000+ seniors from the class of 2015 circulate through the grad fairs in the student center.

They’re presented with opportunities to sign up for the alumni association, purchase a class ring and maybe even buy insurance if they aren’t off of their parents’ plan yet.

Tori says she’s sad to go, but read to get out into the world.

Tori: “…I’m a super senior, so I am ready to be done and start a career.”

Or, in the case of students like senior Spanish major Halle Marchetta, Kent State has inspired some to continue their education beyond an undergraduate degree.

Halle: “When I first started college I didn’t want to be in college at all. I found like, really when I hit 20 and started taking my major classes, I was like, ‘college is great! Learning is fun! [laughs]'”

While we were at her favorite spot on campus, The Brain, she told me that she wants to go to graduate school and earn her Ph.D in Linguistics.

Halle: “I’m not sure I want to leave University life at all. I’m thinking I might just become a University professional like a researcher.”

College affects each student differently. And students may finally see what it is they want to do with the rest of their lives as graduation comes more into focus.

For Broadcast Beat Reporting, I’m Jacob Derwin.

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