JMC New Curriculum

JMC New Curriculum



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As Kent State students prepare to register for Fall semester classes, there is a major shake-up within the school of Journalism and Mass Communication. Reporter Jake Young has more…

Could a change in the JMC’s curriculum affect these students and their path to graduation?

Starting in the fall 2015 semester, Kent State’s journalism program will undergo major curriculum changes. No longer will there be individual majors such as broadcast, photo and magazine journalism.

Instead, students will have the opportunity to earn a degree in journalism with the option to specialize in other areas such as broadcast or print.

The director of the school of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thor Wasbotten gives a year-by-year break down of what students can expect.

Thor: ” The first year for our students is about literacy and understanding how to absorb the media. The second year is about building skills across platforms. The third year is when students are really starting to focus on a certain aspect of the media.”

Although this change will not come into play until next semester, some JMC professors are already preparing for what is ahead.

JMC Professor Gary Hanson is well known throughout the Franklin Hallways, and is quite optimistic as the new curriculum approaches.

Gary: “ There is something called a cap stone course, which is at the top end, students will be able to demonstrate their skills, and work to perfect their skill set in whatever area they are interested in and there is a really good list of those courses at the top.”

As class registration approaches, students and faculty will get set to embark on a new journey for a highly coveted degree.

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