Cold Not Likely to Close Kent

Cold Not Likely to Close Kent


Anchor Intro Objective:Kent has experienced a winter for the record books. In just February the city of Kent had ten days that reached sub zero temperature with countless inches of snow coming with it. For local school districts this weather meant many cancellations and delays but it wasn’t the same story for Kent State students. The campus only delayed twice in February and closed once. This made for a chilly walk for students headed to class and left junior Danielle Krakowski wondering what it takes to close campus.


Krakowski: the next week when it’s a lot colder I feel like their not gonna close that day because we already closed the previous week. It’s much colder, why weren’t we closed?


Stand Up: According to a statement made by Gregg Floyd, the Senior Vice President of Finance and Admission, he makes the decision if the university closes or delays. However the final say always comes from President Warrens office.


Objective: In a statement emailed to all students last fall the school rarely expect to close due to ice snow and cold. It states that this way the students get the full education that they pay for. The only advice they give students is to dress appropriately for the weather. For teachers like American Political Theory professor Kevin Mckinzie thinks the school just has the students best interest in mind.


Mckinzie: Five below, why would you close?


Objective: Professor Mckinzie thinks closings get students off track.


Mckinzie: You have to work hard to get them back on track and develop that kind of momentum in the course again.


Objective: For Krakowski it still seems like a guess.


Krakowski: Or maybe one of them goes outside and goes yep we’re gonna close today.


Reporter out: For TV2 news, I’m Raymond Allan.

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