Is Skipping Class Worth It?

Is Skipping Class Worth It?

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Previous generations will always complain about how the younger, newer generations of kids are getting lazier and lazier. Statistics of college students skipping class isn’t helping younger generations to fight their case. The percentage of students who skip class in college keeps rising.

Student Lennon Hayes, who has failed multiple classes from skipping, says it’s just laziness that kept her from going to class.

“I skipped class mostly because I was tired.”

Professors are noticing the trend in their students skipping class, but what are they doing to stop it? Some professor’s give quizzes, some take attendance to keep track of their students, but should they be responsible for their student’s actions?

“I knew what I was doing when I skipped class,” says Hayes, “I’m an adult now, I make my own decisions and I deal with the consequences.”

Not all professors are keeping attendance just to know their students are coming to their lectures, some professors do it to make sure their students are okay.

Professor of Kent State University’s Human Communications at the Salem Campus says she keeps tabs on her students because she personally cares about them.

“One student of mine just randomly stopped showing up to class and I got a hold of her to make sure she was okay and it turned out her sister had died and she had been left with her one-year-old nephew. We arranged meetings to help her finish the course but I made sure to help her as much as I could during her time of need.”

There has to be something professors can do to make students want to come to class, otherwise, these statistics will continue to rise.

“I always try to bring character and personal stories into my classes to make my students entertained and I hope that by doing that they will choose to continue coming to class because it’s not just class, its entertainment as well.”

If more professors were willing to put more effort into entertaining and teaching their students maybe the percentage of students skipping would stop increasing. More students would want to come to class if their professors gave them a reason to want to go to class.

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