Inspiration at its finest

Inspiration at its finest

Anchor intro: Inspiration is something all people are looking for, be it to pass a test or to just get through the day. With this in mind Dr. Alfreda Brown wrote to her children every day sending them messages of hope and eventually compiling them into one book. We sent Reporter Shawn Wilson to Kent State to find out more.



Everyone is looking to be inspired in some way or another thats why Dr. Alfreda Brown’s book Word Up is so incredible.

Dr. Brown came up with the idea of Word Up from her daily messages to her children. She would start with a scripture from the bible then relate that scripture with her real life experiences or stories she has heard.

At one point Dr. Brown stopped writing the stories. But an outpour of people wanting to read more convinced her to start again and inevitably form Word Up.

Dr. Brown thinks that freshmen could benefit from her book because she says “I use a lot of challenges that are real. And I think Students can benefit  from that and give them a different perspective to think about.”

Nikki Fisher, a freshman exploratory student here at Kent State, thinks that a book like this could be beneficial in providing students with encouragement when it seems like there is none.

Word Up can be purchased at the University Bookstore.


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