Girls Rock

Girls Rock

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Recycled Knowledge held an event this weekend to collect canned food, but also to showcase women. Nicole Jelinek has more.


“I want to promote women empowerment awareness so people see that women are beautiful, women are powerful, and we have a lot to offer.” -Vice President of Recycled Knowledge Olivia Thompson.

Thursday night Kent special interest group, Recycled Knowledge, put on an event titled, “Girls Rock,” in order to showcase women empowerment while helping the community.

The whole point of the event was to show off that girls rock, so it had performances devoted to uplifting women.

The pieces performed in the show consisted of poems, songs, dances and speakers from both men and women that all showed strength and respect for women.

Recycled knowledge not only focuses on women empowerment, but they spend a lot of time working in the community, so they donated canned food and half of their proceeds to a new food pantry, which is located in the African Pan Studies building.

Members of the organization and attendees supplied the donations of the canned goods.

“This was an idea given by our advisor at the Women’s Center. An event to showcase the power of women and help the community was a win win for us.”



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