Fun Weekend Brings Future Flashes

Fun Weekend Brings Future Flashes

Kent Interhall Council’s annual Lil’ Sibs Weekend came to an end on Sunday. The weekend may be over, but those sibs will most likely come back. TV2’s Lauren Buchanan has the story.

[bbrvideo width=”350″ float=”left” caption=”Lil Sibs Weekend is put on by Kent Interhall Council. This annual event draws in hundreds of children that will most likely come to Kent State in the future.”]BBR_06_Buchanan_SibsWeekend[/bbrvideo]

“My favorite part is how big Kent State is and how there is a lot of other big things to do,” 10 year-old Abbey Brock says.

Every spring, Kent Interhall Council (KIC) puts on a “big thing” called Lil’ Sibs Weekend to bring families together before a stressful stretch of projects and final exams. Sibs Weekend 2014 came to an end on Sunday, April 27. It is the one time of year where everyone can be a kid again.

Abbey Brock is a fifth grader from Medina, Ohio who looks forward to coming to Kent State for Lil’ Sibs Weekend. When she visits her brother, sophomore biochemistry major Thomas Joseph, the unstoppable sibling duo take part in fun and educational activities across campus.

KIC's Kyle Hovest was the Chair of the Lil' Sibs Planning Committee
KIC’s Kyle Hovest was the Chair of the Lil’ Sibs Planning Committee

KIC’s Vice President and Director of Programming Kyle Hovest says that the meaning of Sibs Weekend goes beyond the silly costumes, slime, and inflatables.

We want to provide a weekend where KSU students can show off our beautiful campus and bring their sibs to have a really great weekend…The crowd continues to grow so we enjoy it. -Kyle Hovest

Believe it or not, the fun had at Lil’ Sibs Weekend could affect who walks through the Admissions Office doors within the next 10 years.

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions Mark Ledoux says that it is a trend for incoming students to be related to a Kent State alumni.

Ledoux said, “There are just so many people who are carrying on that Kent State tradition in their families.”

Lil’ Sibs Weekend goes beyond the weekend.

It is very possible that the children who brightened campus could come back to shine as Golden Flashes.

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