The Miracle Patient

The Miracle Patient

Drunk driving incidents are getting more frequent and a local girl has become an inspiration, TV2’s Kristie Graybill has more on the story.

[bbrvideo width=”350″ float=”left” caption=”Melinda Mason is now a motivational speaker for local organizations to speak out against drink driving”]BBR_06_Graybill_Melinda[/bbrvideo]

Last April changed everything for Melinda Mason. While driving home from a school activity she was hit by a drunk driver. The accident left her in critical condition, having to be life flighted to a nearby hospital.

MELINDA.Still002The incident left her without basic mental and physical abilities. The doctors explained that she might never be able to walk again. Therapy took months and started with trying to get her body to sit up. She ha nerve damage on her left side, which made even the simplest of task difficult.

“I remember one day just crying because I couldn’t even pick up nickels.” Said Melinda Mason.

She gained the ability to walk, despite what the doctors originally thought possible. Her legs now have titanium rods but she is competing in a 5K this upcoming month.

M.A.D.D statistics states that one American dies every 31 minutes due to drunk driving. Health experts are getting frustrated with these injured due to how preventable they can be.

“To cause damage to someone else who hasn’t put themselves in that situation…that’s the sad cases.” Said Nurse Sarah Phillipines.

Mason has used her experience to talk with local churches, high schools, colleges, and any organization about the dangers of drunk driving.  She will be speaking with Massillion High School this upcoming Friday for their annual “Students for Sobriety” meeting and has many more speeches planned.

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