The record breaking temperatures that we’ve seen over the last few weeks, haven’t closed Kent State University. While walking to class students are at risk of getting a frostbite burn on their skin from the air. Reporter Nadia Assim explains how this is happening and how we can avoid it.


Sarra Babiker: It hurt, really really bad.

Jacob Derwin: It was gnarly.

Reporter: over the past few weeks temperatures have made record breaking lows in north eastern Ohio, reaching 17 degrees below zero. Here at Kent State, students are not excused from class during this cold front, and some end up with frostbite from the weather.

Sarra Babiker: I was on my way to my 7 p.m. class, it was like late. It was after class was over, so I’m waiting for the bus, and I had my gloves on too but even through the gloves my hand was really really sore and it was stinging.

Reporter: Though there have only been five cases of frostbite this winter, some students complain of symptoms but have decided to self treat their burn.

Jacob Derwin: I put some like anit-biotic cream on it. I didn’t think it was worth going to the heath center for, I don’t think it was that severe. It wasn’t turning blue or brown or whatever, it was just red and fading.

Sarra Babiker: When I went home, I took my gloves off and I tried to put warm water on it but it stung even more with the warm water. So it wasn’t really helping. I just kind of like let it be.

Reporter: The temperatures are unfortunatley unavoidable, but there are procedures to take to before being exposed to the freezing air, to prevent getting frost bite.

Reporter: Senior University Physician, Jennifer D’Abreau is here to explain prevention from frost bite.

Jennifer D’Abreau: The best way you can prevent frostbite is to avoid the cold. Especially when the windchill levels are below minus 10, minus 15, minus 20 like we’ve recently had. So you want to make sure that you’re covering up as much of the exposed skin that you can. Hats, gloves, scarves, a full coat, full pants um no shorts, boots.

Reporter: Next time you’re walking to class, make sure your skin is covered and stay warm!

Reporter: For TV2 KSU, this is Nadia Assim.

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