Finding the Spotlight

Finding the Spotlight

As the curtain is closing on the school year, theatre students search for the next stage. The stage and television is a hard place to find a job right out of college. Sometimes it takes years and sometimes it only takes a few months. Reporter Raven Fulton has the story of three different theatre students who are on the journey of finding their spotlight in the world of performance.


In 2013 “The Guardian” reported that less than 2 percent of drama graduates end up on the West End stage.


Drama majors make a brave decision when choosing the major. There is not always a guarantee for a job in theatre or television right after graduation or even in the future. It takes a lot of hard work to make sure you are shaping your future while you’re in school. And Sometimes it takes even more work when you graduate.


Three Kent State senior Drama majors are determined not to be apart of that percent.


Denzel Washington and Alex Orvosh are two of those students are going to stay on campus to continue working to save money and work on their acting and build their portfolio. One student is a little further in the process.


Megan Eishen, a senior musical theatre major is one of the rare seniors who have a summer job that relate to their major. Megan will be working as a performer at Hersey Amusement Park then headed to New York in September.


When asked what advice these seniors had for the incoming seniors, Megan says,

“Make sure you know where you want to go and what you want to do. And if you do, good but, make sure you have rent money too”.


Alex says, “It goes by fast, enjoy it but make sure you’re getting your life together as while having fun”.


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