Do Courses Translate to Real Jobs?

Do Courses Translate to Real Jobs?

Anchor Intro: College Seniors fear that their course of study will not translate to real jobs. Two Kent State students express their stress of graduating and feeling as if they are not ready for the real world. Reporter Ty Sugick has more.



Graduation is right around the corner, which usually is a happy and joyous time of year. But for those on the cusp of graduating it may be the most stressful.

They have to fight off the senior year laziness and continue to finish class work on top of working part-time jobs, and searching for professional jobs.

Then there are students like Katt Collins and Jensen Strock, whom are graduating a few short weeks and feel as if their expensive college education was not tailored for them.  Both say their majors are great but it wasn’t quite what they signed up for.

Now only two weeks out both stress to find real “big girl” jobs in their field that they feel Kent State has not prepared them for.

Katt jokingly told me that she has given her stress to God and is hoping for the best, as for Jensen she is taking the more persistent route by selling her work to any company that will listen.


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