Finding financial aid help

Finding financial aid help

Students will soon be visiting the Financial Aid office with questions about their financial aid. Students like Brooke Sell who just want to know where their money is.

College students all over the United

States are getting ready for the new year of filing for Financial Aid, which also means they are preparing for refund battles and much more.

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Kent State University Students will be flowing through the Schwartz

Center in a few short weeks in attempt to meet with representatives at the Bursars Office and the Financial Aid office. They and every other student will be hoping for luck in getting the help that they need, though they don’t necessarily always find it.

Sophomore student Brooke Sell has had multiple problems receiving her financial aid refund through Kent State in her short period of time here. Each semester she says problems occur where she

Kent State student Brooke Sell talks about issues she has ran into with Kent State and their Financial Aid system.
Kent State student Brooke Sell talks about issues she has ran into with Kent State and their Financial Aid system.


doesn’t get her money on time and this has caused not only

problems in school, but problems at home as well. Sell has had many cases where she was late with bills because her bill money was her financial aid refund. She has also ran into incidents where she could not afford her books without her refund money and with it being late, her schooling fell behind.

Brooke Sell believes that Kent State’s Financial Aid office should be more helpful when it comes to refund problems for students. However, like most students, Sell wasn’t fully aware that not all refund issues are dealt with through the Financial Aid system.

Financial Aid representative Teresa Smith sat down and explained that most times, it is the Bursars Office who deals with refund related issues. She said that most people don’t realize this until it’s too late and that is where the problem is caused.

“The disconnect in that lies in the fact that no one knows that..”- Teresa Smith

If students knew in the beginning where to seek help for refund issues there may not be as many cases like Brooke Sell’s. Students need to be guided more in the right direction so they can stop taking time to stress over money and focus on their schooling.

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