Fellowship of Christian Athletes makes a name for themselves

Fellowship of Christian Athletes makes a name for themselves

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA),  are making their way home. The FCA is a group of Christian Students Athletes looking to improve themselves through God. The organization embarked on a journey with their young student athletes. This past weekend the organization attended the Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The conference featured over 60,000 college students, looking to learn about God and themselves. Kent State had 49 students in attendance, all whom came with FCA.

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Skylar talks about joining FCA and the effect it has had on her life.



Campus Minister and Kent State’s FCA Coordinator, Ted Schumacher explained Jubilee as a life changing experience for the students.

The students like Schumacher all had positive things to say about the conference at there weekly FCA meeting. Most of the talk during the meeting was how the students who didn’t attend this year should definitely attended next year. “Jubilee is something worth attending. You’re able to meet some other students who are just like you and attend workshops that gives you some amazing advice,” Senior, Jake Bishop said.

“The FCA is definitely something all Christian Athletes should be apart of.  It’s a great way to meet other people who you share some of the same interest.”

The FCA meetings are conducted in an exciting way. There are two students that are picked to MC the meeting. The students crack jokes and gets the audience involved, while not forgetting that they are there to worship the lord. Prayer is conducted at the beginning of the meeting and the end of the meeting by Schumacher.

The students in FCA look at themselves as brothers and sisters. Before the meeting began a number of hugs and laughs were exchanged between the students and plans were made to meet up for lunch dates with the others later on in the week.

Just recently the FCA moved locations due to the steadily increasing number of students attending their weekly meetings. The Kiva is the new home for the Tuesday, 9 PM meetings.

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