End of the year celebration

End of the year celebration

Anchor Intro: The Department of Residence services is made up of 300 plus people. They are responsible for keeping the students busy and safe outside of the class room. To reward all of the employees in the department they through a banquet for their End of the Year Celebration. We Sent reporter Shawn Wilson to get the story.




The Department of Residence services is responsible for the hall staffs, area desks and security staffs. All together that is more than 300 people.

Studies show that 89% of a students time is spent outside of the class room, that time is in the hands of Residence services to keep the students entertained and safe.

To celebrate a year of hard work the department through the 2nd annual End of the Year Celebration.

At this event the department held a banquet and gave out rewards, and also acknowledged all the staffs and their highlights of the year.

Meghan Blaha, a Resident Assistant in Olson hall, was a recipient of one of these awards the Julie Leffingwell Lifetime Achievement Award. This award honors the hard work and dedication that Blaha has had to the department.

Other Resident Assistants like Matt Amendola said that the banquet was a good way to say good bye to the people he has had the pleasure to work with.

Both Blaha and Amendola have been RA’s for three years now and this was their final banquet. So they used their time to reminisce on their experience and look forward to what is to come.

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