Don’t let Stress Get the Best of You

Don’t let Stress Get the Best of You

Anchor intro: This week at Kent State University everyone has their mind on one thing, FINALS! While trying to get everything done, students tend to forget the true importance of their health, and stress starts to get the best of them.



The relationship between stress and illness is recognizable close, in college especially. This week, while everyone is getting the last of their school work done for finals, stress tends to take over and everything their mom taught them about being healthy is out the door.

How stress is handled varies from person to person, but studies have shown that persistent stress has a significant effect on the immune system, which ultimately leads to illness. Late night’s studying and worrying about if you’re going to make deadline creates headache, stomach ache, and just all around unhealthy lifestyle.

Megan O’Mally, a junior at Kent State University says her classes create a lot of stress in her life and many times causes her to become sick.

It is essential for college students to study in order for them to be successful, but when this studying is overdone and their health is not considered it makes it more difficult for them to get their work done.

Senior Physician at Kent State, Jennifer D’Abreau, says that balance is the key to keeping stress at a minimum and offers a few ways to maintain this balance “Still try to maintain a good sleep cycle, try not to do the all nighters, try not to excessively drink alcohol or caffeine, and try to eat a balanced meal.”

During this last week of the semester while everyone is trying to get their final work done, don’t forget that this is only a small portion of your life, and your well-being should come first!



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