Construction causes Dilemna

Construction causes Dilemna

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Finding a parking space is a common problem among the commuter students.

I’m currently standing in front of the future home for the new Architecture and Environmental design building.

As you can see, there is barely room for the building let alone a parking lot.

I spoke with Parking Services Manager Larry Emling and the Associate Vice President of Facility planning and operations Tom Euclide about the matter.

The blue prints for the project do not include plans for a new parking lot. Euclide said that the location will have limited space for pick up and drop off parking as well as handicapped parking.

This is going to cause problems since the building does not have parking accessibility for students.

Emling told me that the parking services department has set up a contract with parta where students will be able to purchase parking permits for the parking garage down town.

The parking services department is landlocked between South Lincoln street and loop road, not leaving very much room to expand for parking.

The closest commuter lots to the building would be C-Midway, which is a few blocks away as well as the C-Schwartz parking lot as well as the PARTA parking garage in downtown Kent.

As you can see, this is going to cause a problem for students commuting to and from campus.

I’m Zachary Downes for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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