Bursar Goes Abroad

Bursar Goes Abroad

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Kent State’s Study Abroad Programs can be a great learning opportunity, but when it comes to international currency, some students are hesitant to make the transition.

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Study Abroad programs at Kent State have a huge range including their price. A common understanding among students is that studying abroad is more expensive than a typical semester. Director of Education Abroad advising Amber Bollinger says, that’s not always the case.

Programs can cost anywhere from 5 thousand dollars over Kent State’s tuition for a semester to 5 thousand under.

But Bollinger encourages students to go, regardless of the cost.



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In fact, Bollinger said Education Abroad actually helps students figure out ways to pay. There is a financial aid advisor devoted specifically to helping students plan ahead.

There are also various scholarships offered through the department. Each school on campus also has representatives for study abroad and offer scholarships of their own, Bollinger said most students cover the cost with existing financial aid and their bursars account.

While it may be an investment in a student’s future, some students remain timid to take the financial leap.



Bollinger’s department still combats rumors that study abroad is too expensive. She said her department is working on spreading the word that it can be made affordable.

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