Students affected by Construction.

Students affected by Construction.

Kent State is adding another state of the art facility to the campus.  The new Architecture and Environmental Design building will be located on the new Lester Lefton Esplanade expansion. However, with newest facility…one slight problem may cause major problems for students. Zachary Downes reports….

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The new Architecture and Environmental Design building will be located in a new location barely fit for a building, between South Lincoln and South Willow Street.

There will be limited spaces for handicapped parking and a student pick up and drop off section. Students will be required to park in commuter lots such as C-Midway, C-Schwartz, and the parking garage downtown.

Parking Services Manager Larry Emling said that PARTA and the Kent State Parking Services department have established a parking permit contract with PARTA where students will be able to purchase permits for the parking garage downtown.

The permit costs 150 dollars for the academic school year. One problem is that the permit is only valid from 6:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

The college of Architecture and Environmental Design allows students to have twenty four hours, seven days a week access to the studio spaces to continue working on projects. This would cause a lot of conflicts for students who spend a lot of time in the building and park in the parking garage.

Freshman Architecture major Mitch Sutyak spends countless hours working projects and plans on spending a lot of time in the new building.

If Sutyak plans on working late nights in the building, he will have to move his car or walk a couple blocks from the closest commuter lot.

As you can see, this will cause countless problems for architect students and future students.

I’m Zachary Downes for Broadcast Beat Reporting

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