Beverly Warren manages her schedule

Beverly Warren manages her schedule

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It’s easy to find Kent State University’s newest President Beverly Warren meeting with students and faculty members on campus, but keeping up with her is no easy task. Warren’s listening tour has 50 events alone, and it seems like there are’t enough hours in her day, so how does she manage her time?

“She does very, very well. What weights in her favor is that she’s an early riser, she’s up at 3:30 every morning, and she gets her work done while the rest of us are still asleep and waking up. So when she hits the campus at 7:00 AM she’s ready to go,” Eric Mansfield, Kent State University’s Director of Media relations said.

Warren’s schedule is so packed that there are many days where she has to work through her lunch hour.

“Putting that schedule together takes a lot of people . . . she does a pretty good job balancing meeting new people along with meeting the day to day people reporting to her making sure Kent State is running efficiently,” Mansfield said.

Collaboration with staff members helps Warren focus on what is most important – making sure things get done around campus.

“We’re already seeing feedback from her . . . she’ll try to connect the dots to make sure things get done in a timely manner,” Mansfield said.

At the end of her day it’s all about balance, and being organized helps her make plans for Kent State’s future.

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