Food Pantry Provides Assistance to Community

Food Pantry Provides Assistance to Community


Anchor Script: The Women’s Center does many things to help those in need of assistance, from programs, to even helping people financially. Reporter Nicole Jelinek has the story.

The Kent State Women’s Center offers a variety of assistance, programs and groups that focus on the health and wellness of women, both physical and emotional. GA Jenna Brinker at the center says it is great how help from the center can empower people and help them make important decisions.

(Jenna Brinker GA Women’s Center) “I’m just passionate about serving the community. Really just finding unique ways to meet people’s needs, and that’s what makes the center so great. We are in a period of adjustment and kind of gage what people need and what people want.”

If you are spending a lot of money on heat, tuition and other needs the Women’s Center can actually help you financially with its food pantry.

The Kent State Women’s Center offers a food pantry that is open for students, staff ad faculty. The pantry contains donations of non-perishable food items as well as some cleaning items and school supplies to help those who need it- and they are eager to help.

(Jenna Brinker GA Women’s Center) “This is such a warm and welcoming place. If you need something go in and grab it. Take a couple bags, take what you need! It’s not a statement of who you are or what you’re lacking, it’s just you have a little bit of a need, so lets meet it and work to get out of where you are.”

If you need assistance don’t be afraid to stop by the carriage house. The pantry is open from 9am-4pm Monday through Friday.

For TV2KSU, i’m Nicole Jelinek

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