Allergy Season

Allergy Season

Anchor Intro: Spring came in quick this year, leaving many people miserable. Spring allergies affect about 71 percent of all Americans and this can leave them unable to participate effectively in their life. Reporter Nadia Assim has more.


While the temperatures continue to warm up, we see flowers blooming and weed pollen circulating in the air. This year Spring made an early arrival bringing the allergens with it.

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, commonly referred to as Hay Fever, is triggered when the snow melts and all of the plants begin to blossom, putting the pollen and cotton in to the air.

Hay Fever can often effect ones ability to productively live their life, leaving them with a sinus infection, disrupting their sleep and being unable to participate at school or work.

Spring is the gateway from the cold winter to the warm summer. A lot of the time people are looking forward to the spring season because they know school is coming to an end and summer is next, but for the 70 percent of Americans that have to battle seasonal allergies, spring is not their favorite season.

Devin Moore, a student at Kent State that has Hay fever says that he has no motivation to go to his classes or sometimes will be in class sneezing and have to leave, because of his allergies.


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