A Senior’s Last Showcase

A Senior’s Last Showcase

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Each year The school of Dance has a Senior Showcase and Student Dance Festival for Dance majors. Reporter Raven Fulton has the story of one dancer and her last showcase.


This is Nina Price. She’s been dancing since the age of two. Starting in her mother’s studio in Maryland and she is now a BFA Dance Performance Major here at the Kent State school of Theatre and Dance.

Nina is currently  preparing for the combined Senior Showcase and Student Dance Festival. Where seniors and Juniors will be choreographing different pieces of their own. One of those Choreographers will be Nina. This will be the second time she will be choreographing for the showcase.

NINA PRICE: Looking back, trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my senior dance I tried hoan in  on something more personal where i could express like where I felt I developed…express how I think I’ve grow since being here to almost like learning how to except that its okay to show how you feel on in the inside outside.

STAND UP: This will be a bittersweet showcase for Nina. She’s a senior this year. But she has defiantly left an impression in the School of Dance.

Abby, a freshman BFA Dance Performance major and Madison, a sophomore BFA Dance Performance major, are Nina’s Dancers for her senior piece. They are a reflection of Nina’s hard and dedication.

MADISON: She’s an insanely strong dancer and it defaintly pushes me to dance harder exspecially when she’s my choreographer and I’ve been in a couple of pieces with her now, so she really pushes me to honestly be a better dancer.

ABBY: She works really well with me and Maddy and she always has good ideas and is willing to compromise if we need to change anything and its been really great so far. i’ve enjoyed it.

As the showcase nears, Nina is beginning to realize her last year of college is slowly coming to an end.

The BFA Senior Showcase and Student Dance Festival starts March 13th and runs until March 15th.

For TV2 KSU I’m Raven Fulton


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