A Distinctive Kent State

A Distinctive Kent State

Anchor Intro: “It’s Northeast Ohio’s best kept secret” a phrase often heard when defining Kent State University…but why?  And is that all that Kent is? President Dr. Beverly Warren doesn’t think so, and the university is now bringing in an advertising firm to help Kent State become more distinctive and better known.

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If the caliber of the undergraduate students at a university is what helps determine prestige, what is Kent doing to ensure that higher caliber students want to and actually attend our university? At the board of trustees meeting last Tuesday a Presentation by the Philadelphia based marketing company 160over90 took the room by storm.

Explaining their understanding of the importance of reaching both the buyer and the consumer, the company is based on the ideals of creating a one of a kind experience from the client for the consumer. Currently conducting their discovery experiences, or 1 on 1 interview, they will use what they learn from individuals who know what Kent State is and is supposed to feel like to create an experience like none other and one that will hopefully draw students by the hundreds.

But how much could a company that works with Ferrari, Nike, and Cornell University cost an institution?


University spokesman Eric Mansfeild said in a phone interview at least $137,000 was being placed to the side for this rebranding process to take place, but how do students feel about that amount of money being placed to the side?

Senior Terryn Matthis had this to say…

Junior Brian Canon said..

Stand Up: With the branding of the university being a priority, how students feel about the amount money being spent quite frankly is debatable. College in general has a tendency change people, Kent State. But from a place that’s often described as feeling like home, from the eyes of the students, what truly makes a “Distinctive Kent State”


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