Campus Bookstore Starting new

Campus Bookstore Starting new

Anchor Intro: Anyone passing through the Kent State Bookstore has probably noticed the store almost empty and everything on sale. Why would the school be doing this? Raymond Allan reports the rare occurrence.


The Kent State bookstore is changing operators causing them to sell off current stock for massive discounts.

Kent State is switching companies who operate the bookstore from Fallett campus store to a Barnes and Noble. Switching companies requires to get rid of Fallett owned Kent merchandise that can’t be sent to one of their other 700 stores.

The school made the switch between operators due to them legally having to open up bidding for operation of the store. Project head John Gosky thinks it was for the best.

“We really were looking out for the students best interest,” Gosky said. “Barnes offered the affordability and flexibility we were looking for.”

The selling off everything from shirts, dorm supplies and even computers for up to 75% off.

The transition is supposed to take place on May 9 after spring semester is completed and finish on the 13th so the bookstore is ready and available for summer students.

No jobs were lost in the transition



Spring is in the air at Kent State and that means the University is sending letters out to high school students letting them know they have been accepted to be a flash. Those that decide Kent is their destination for their collegiate career must attend an accepted student day. That’s the case for incoming freshman Nicole Zimba who decided her day would not be complete without a trip to the campus bookstore to get some college apparel.


For many of these students this is their first visit here, however anyone who has been to the bookstore before will know something is amiss when everything in the bookstore is onsale.


The Bookstore is selling everything for 25-75% off, this includes everything from apparel, dorm supplies and even computers. The reason everything being discounted? While the bookstore is currently transitioning from a fallett run bookstore to a barnes and Noble. I talked project head Dr. John Gosky about the transition. Here is a picture of Gosky off of kents website as he didn’t want to appear on camera.


So the decision came down to what the university deemed best value for the students


For Zimba she is just happy to get something for a discount with her new schools logo on it


So stop by the Student Center if you want to experience the rarety of a discount in college.but do it before May 9 because that’s when it officially changes over to a Barnes and Noble and the sale ends. For Tv2 News I’m Raymond Allan

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