Finals Cause Late Nights for Students

Finals Cause Late Nights for Students

Anchor intro: Many college students are headed into finals week. Reporter Raymond Allan visited students to see how they were preparing for exams.


A recent study has found that many students procrastinate their studying and many pull all nighters during final exams.

the study done by St. Lawrence University says the 20% of college students stay up all night for a class with the number shooting up to 35% during a schools final exam week.

Kent State sophomore Franklin Chesney thinks it’s because of procrastination.  “I’m here because of it, I have to cram so I can be prepared.”

85-90% of college students admit to having procrastination issues for class work.

Kent State has study rooms and facility’s for any student needing a space to study other than their dorm room. The Kent State Library is open 24 hours a day.

“I come here because I know if I’m by my bed and I touch it I’m out” Chesney said.

The library for finals is giving out free coffee to any student studying.



Night time at Kent state is far different then the academic hustle and bustle of the day. You can cross the street without getting hit by a car and find a parking spot right away. The campus is quite but full of life. the silence follows students into the 24hr library where students like Franklin Chesney are working hard on final projects



Stand up: It may be hard for some to go study on a nice day, pushing it off for the then inevitable all nighter. However, it may not be the smart choice to be one of the estimated 35% to go all night studying


A study done by St Lawrence University shows that students who don’t pull all nighter tend to get better grades. It says your memory worsens due to the lack of sleep as sleep deprivation tends to cause you to remember the first and last thing you learned with everything in the middle being hazy. Junior Sam Benya doesn’t care about this risk as he is just trying to help a friend get a better grade on his final project.


According to a survey done by 85-95% of college students have procrastination problems. For Chesney procrastination is just another day as a college student.


Students going into finals week should think about studying first and playing later to avoid procrastinating and spending the whole night before cramming in the library. For TV2 news I’m Raymond ALLAN

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