Kent State Police plans to be more active

Kent State Police plans to be more active

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I’m Tyler Trill, and I’m just outside the Kent State Police Department. My beat this semester is safety, and I sat down with the Community Resource Officer here, Michquel Penn to discuss the department’s plans for this semester.

Penn says the goal is to be more active with the community, and to do so, they’ve implemented a program known as COPs, or their community outreach program.COPs is where an officer from the department is assigned a building on campus, and he or she acts as a liaison between the building and the station.

Also, there has been changes in A.L.I.C.E. , the active shooter workshops. It is now mandatory for freshman, and they’ve increased the number of workshops this semester.

The department is putting on events, such as Safety Day and 10 Ways To Get Arrested.

Since the goal of the department is to be more active in the community, I want to base my stories around that.

Potential story ideas I have are: why have there been changes in A.L.I.C.E., and does it have to do with the shooting last semester? What is COPs and how is that making campus a safer place? Also, what are the events that are going on, and how are they making campus safer?

The Fire Safety Department is someone else I need to be in contact with throughout the semester.

Being aware of what is happening at the department, with the fire safety department, what changes are being made throughout the semester and what issues they face throughout the semester are keys to being successful in this class.

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