At Kent Roosevelt, Students Come First

At Kent Roosevelt, Students Come First

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Most high schools have specific standards that they abide by. And Kent Roosevelt High School is no different.

A simple standard summed up in just three words: rigor, relevance and relationship. Kent Roosevelt prides itself in building strong relationships with its students.

And nobody does so like the main man himself: Principal Bob Klinar.

As principal, Klinar has challenged himself to be more of a voice for students to succeed in the classroom.

For incoming freshmen, it can be a challenge transitioning to a new school with higher expectations.

And that’s where the Freshmen Kickoff Retreat comes into play, a program to help incoming freshmen be more comfortable in their transition phase.

Speaking of students, there is one issue that has been of importance recently: student safety.

In the wake of all of the school tragedies such as Sandy Hook, school safety has become a top priority for all schools, including Kent Roosevelt.

Student safety is not the only thing that Kent Roosevelt prides itself with. It’s about providing students with an active, engaged learning experience.

Through tech funding, the high school now offers Chrome books to students. In doing so, it gives students a unique educational experience in the classroom.

Putting the needs of students first. That’s the Kent Roosevelt way.

I’m Jon Huntsman for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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