Learning Opportunites Overseas

Learning Opportunites Overseas

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Kent State Education abroad offers over 150 learning opportunities, yet students are still put off by rumors.

I spoke with Amber Bollinger, head of Study Abroad advising to learn more about what’s happening this semester. Bollinger told me that study abroad is a huge program to coordinate across campus. Study abroad periods range from 10 days with a class to a month over the summer or even a year in another country.

Yet every school within the university promotes the programs differently and with a wide range of majors, it is difficult to pull off each year.

Along with that, the department is always growing and changing.

This year they introduced the Florence summer program for the first time and it was a success! However, some students remain deterred from this learning experience because they believe it is not a financial feat for a college student. Some students also think that it will not work with their major.

Bollinger says her department is working to combat those rumors with expositions and a bigger promotion effort.

Kent will be joined as well this year by Florentine, well reputed professor and KSU Florence Director, Fabrizio! For Broadcast Beat Reporting, I’m Henna Thornberry.

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