Your Executive Director

Your Executive Director


Over the years this stage hosted numerous guest speakers and honored guests, but one in particular can call this stage his home.

That is Kent State University’s Undergraduate Student Government, USG for short, Executive Director Marvin Logan.

Logan is currently still in office, and will continue until his term ends in April.

Currently a senior and set to graduate after spring semester, Logan majors in Pan-African Studies with three minors.

That’s right, three minors, Human Development, Family Studies, and Nonprofit Management.

All of this along with his Pan-African Studies Major. Not to mention representing the entire student body.

Marvin came to Kent State on an Athletic Scholarship. He exceled in hurdles at high school, and now tried to expand to the collegiate level, but unfortunately for Marvin life at Kent State was about to change all together.

While working his way through USG Logan became a familiar face in the Student Center. Creating sandwich art for students at Subway.

The track star suffered an unforeseen injury to his quad that would require a lengthy and extensive recovery period.

Meanwhile, Logan had worked from the low level street team, through the Programming Board, and had now held the position of Programming Director.

Now all that awaited him was the Executive Director position. A position perfect for Logan.

His popularity had skyrocketed through the years, with Marvin Logan becoming a more and more familiar name on campus.

The man, who had put his entire college career into USG, knew his time had come fulfill his dream. Through all of the adversity, Logan knew he had a job to do.

He plans to expand USG outreach and leadership development. As well as increase student representation and participation, and improve cultural diversity.

Marvin knows what it takes to succeed in not only school, but also life.

Through all the adversity, Marvin Logan prevailed.

I’m Justin McKinney for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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