Workers Are Enemies

Workers Are Enemies

Some students think the Kent State Parking Services Department are implementing the rules harder this semester. But do students really know what the parking services does for the school? Zach Downes Reports

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Students at Kent State University view the Kent State Parking Services Department as the Public Enemy.

The university gives students and faculty access to 12 thousand parking spaces but students still get parking tickets.

Parking Services workers are constantly surveying the parking lots for people whom have parked in the wrong lot.

“I parked my car outside for five minutes to run into the building,” Kent State Sophomore Lauren Donatelli said, “I came back out to my car and the parking services worker was writing out my ticket. I asked him if he could give me a break as I was turning in my project for a class and he said no. I think they should be at least a little more considerate.”

What students do not realize is how much the parking services department does for the students and university.

Parking Services Worker and Kent State senior Antonio Richards has worked for parking services for four years and does more than just leave tickets.

“The department does Motor Asisstances, we help people jump start their car, and we get the keys out of the car when people lock them in,” Richards said.

Most students think that the parking services workers are out to get them.

The workers of Parking Services are dealing with student’s issues with their cars and parking violations until 11 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Most people assume that Parking Services are closed on the Weekend but that is false, parking services is open on Saturday.

With the constant work, the workers at parking services experience interactions with students who confront them for giving them a ticket.

“My first year on the job, I was working at the Rec and a guy bought a day pass,” Richards said, “He came out and started yelling at me; he explained that he bought a pass but it was upside down so I could not see them times on it.”

Parking services does a lot for Kent State, but students only focus one negative outcome.

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