Women Don’t Rule Fashion

Women Don’t Rule Fashion

Fashion School Design Wing
Fashion School Design Wing- Photo Credit: Portia Booker

Women are not the only queens of fashion. There has been a stronger thrust into the fashion industry from the opposite gender. According to Kasia Gibbs, President of Modista Fashion Club at Kent State, there are a few men that see “fashion as their passion”.

Women may cover the Fashion School at Kent State, but men have also invaded the school as well. Project Runway winner, Suede, is one of the most prominent men in fashion. The Kent State Alumni is not the only one who is into fashion. A percentage of other men are involved.

The others, in this case, are minorities. Modista, the fashion club for minorities, brings light to diversity in the fashion school. Don’t fit the description of a minority, no worries, the club is open to all. The club’s first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday Feb. 4, 2015 in Rockwell Hall Room 231. Besides the minority women involved, what percentage are minority men?

Modista is one of the clubs from the fashion school. The other club is FSO. Both organizations offer great resources for students in the school.

Gibbs mentioned a few events that Modista holds. One of the events is Pop-up Thrift Shop. It’s simple; people show up with attire that are gently worn and can exchange them for other items people are willing to exchange. This is one of the most brilliant, cheap and stylish ways for college students to save money.

Gently worn clothing is not always favorable, but limited edition and unique things appeal to the eye. The Fashion School Store in Downtown Kent has a variety of material for students to explore. Students can experiment with new material, pick up design ideas and a lot more from visiting the store.

Only a few blocks from the store in Downtown Kent lies the Wearable Spaces art gallery hosted by the Fashion School. The exhibit runs from Jan. 14, 2015- Feb. 14, 2015. Director J.R. Campbell says the exhibit is “the connections between how we perceive ourselves through clothing and how we impact the environments we inhabit, clothing being a kind of environment.”

There is only a certain amount of time that one person can spend inside of a store before all the products start looking the same. The Fashion School has the museum with a host of collections inside. Are you a fan of Princess Diana? The museum has a collection of some of her attire.

The Fashion school has a lot of upcoming events planned for the semester. The biggest, The Fashion Show, will take place sometime in April. Interested? Visit the Fashion School website: http://www.fashionschool.kent.edu.

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