TV2’s Continued Growth

TV2’s Continued Growth

By: Jamie Dillon

What if I told you the General Manager Kent’s TV2 has a major of Criminology to go along with Broadcast Journalism?

Junior at Kent State, Vivian Feke, is the current General Manager at TV2 and has numerous tasks at the station. Feke sat down in an interview with me detailing all her jobs and responsibilities she does, while helping me further my understanding of my beat. My beat is the media at Kent State and I thought to look no further than Kent’s own TV station.

Feke, has an interesting story herself, as she started as a criminology major. She later then added a major of broadcast journalism after working at TV2 behind the scenes on the tech crew. TV2 has people on staff that aren’t just majors that are within the walls of Franklin Hall.

Feke added that a story on the people who are different majors would be an interesting story that people would enjoy to hear about. I am even thinking about doing a feature on Feke herself on how she started at the bottom as tech crew for the station to rising to the top as the current GM at the station.

Looking into other story ideas, how is now linked up with working with TV2. The students at and then if the story is big enough TV2 sends someone to go cover the story and get it in video form. Leading to why the internet is getting to be a popular way for people to get their news fresh and fast.

Another source I will have is going to talk to the people at the Kent State newspaper. Digging to deeper to see why the paper only comes out now three days a week instead of every day like it used to.

After discussing my interview and how it went in class, students from TV2 gave me the idea to see where the money certain students get paid for certain positions held at TV2. Feke said one of her tasks is that she looks at the payroll daily to make sure she knows where all the money is being distributed.

Chris Freeman, a student at Kent Stark, is another target I have as a story idea. He goes to Kent Stark, but travels to Kent State to get involved with TV2. He really has to be committed to go to a regional campus, yet fill other obligations up here at Kent State University.

Throughout the semester I will look into every avenue of what is going on inside the walls of Franklin Hall and get to the bottom media news that student’s would care about knowing about.

Feke offered help in anyway she could at the end of the interview for help with future stories or pointing me in the direction of someone who can. Helping spread the news about the media aspect at Kent State and what the rest of the story actually is.

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