Getting the executive treatment

Getting the executive treatment

If you have ever wondered who is in charge of running Kent State University you need only look to the executive offices. The executive offices here at Kent State consist of the President and her cabinet. Beverly Warren is the President of Kent State University and a few of her cabinet members are Todd Diacon, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Alfreda Brown, Vice President for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, and Greg Jarvie Vice President For Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.

The beat of executive offices here on campus can be a tricky one to get interviews for but thankfully Greg Jarvie was available. Jarvie gave some basic information about the department he is charge of, enrollment and student affairs.

When asked about President Obamas plans to make community college free and its effects on enrollment here at Kent State Jarvie said that it could potentially cause some serious changes here. The Example he gave is if Kent State goes from a student population of 28,000 to 18,000 everything will be effected. The University would have to make some serious cuts in order to stay afloat.

As the interview progressed Jarvie gave me some sources I should talk to if I wanted to pursue the story about the community college situation. Those sources are himself and T. David Garcia the Associate VicePresident for Enrollment Management.

Jarvis provided other potential story ideas like  making Kent State a tobacco free campus, Residence life housing issues and concerns. Since party season is just around the corner he said to talk to Shay Davis Little about the consequences you can receive from partying.

Jarvie also said to look into all of the work that Student Accessibility Services does around campus and look into how the University is helping students with mental health disorders.

Another source Jarvie said could probably provide a good story or too is the student Ombuds Jennifer Kulics.

The best part about this interview was when Greg Jarvie said that if I needed him as a source of a story or to get potential story ideas he would be more then willing to help.

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