The life of Perry

The life of Perry

Anchor: College can be rough for some students, having to balance work, school, and a social life. But one student is taking things to a whole new level, an Executive level. Perry Kimmel is the Undergraduate representative on the Kent State Board of Trustees. We Sent reporter Shawn Wilson to get his story.


Perry Kimmel is a Junior Finance student here at Kent State University. He is also the undergraduate representative on the board of trustees.

He serves as a voice between the students and the Board, and also a voice between the board and their affiliates.

He says balancing life is a challenge but is glad to do it. He runs and works at Einstein Bros to help him releive stress.

Perry has worked there for 2 years and loves his co-workers. Tenayesha Callahan is one of his co-workers and friends.

She says he has a life outside of the board and they get brunch together every Sunday. She calls him a genuine guy.

Threw it all though Perry is just another Student here at Kent State University.

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