Technology Takes over Classroom

Technology Takes over Classroom

Anchor Lead: With 2014 fast in our rear-view mirrors, the turn to new forms of technology in our everyday lives is rapidly advancing. One classroom in particular is taking this approach head on. Reporter Jake Young has the story.[bbrvideo]BBR_S5_Young_AT&T[/bbrvideo]


Mrs. Delorenzo’s class is currently in week one of a six week program. Located 10 minutes away from Kent State University in Stow, Echo Hills Elementary school is getting a unique classroom experience.

Opening in 1998, the AT&T classroom has drawn in students and teachers from all across Portage County. The unique learning environment gives everyone involved a more advanced way of development.

The director of research for the AT&T classroom, Annette Kratcoski is actively involved and can’t believe the advancements being made.

“As new tools evolve and continue to emerge, the classroom provides a setting for both the research and study of that and also training for current teachers and future teachers.”

The fourth graders started their afternoon session using KidBlog answering questions about energy with the laptops provided. Thanks to the wide variety of technology available, collaboration within the AT&T classroom is a lot easier.

The ability to monitor the children is where this classroom at Moulton Hall is leaps and bounds above the generic learning environment.

Behind a double glass window is the control room, where students located inside the classroom can be both watched and listen to, thanks to the scattered cameras and microphones.

This tech savvy classroom gives students an opportunity only class manager Thomas Mcneal can put into words:

“Before they knew it they are learning things about science or history without even knowing it, and they are having fun while doing it.”







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