Students find healthy food

Students find healthy food

Anchor Intro: Tastebuds change one menu at Kent State University’s dining halls. Reporter Thea Emroll has the story.



Pop, pizza and pancakes look good, but are they good for you?

The Mindful program at Kent State University will change the way students look at food. The Mindful menu shows students what is in the food as they wait in line to order.

This program focuses on the choices students make about eating healthier foods.

Sophomore managerial marketing major Jessica Nesbitt says she eats healthy food for one reason.

“I feel like I consciously try to find healthy foods just because I know I have to, to play field hockey.”

Parts of the reasons why students like Nesbitt can find healthier food options is because of the Mindful program that launched earlier this month. The apple icon for the Mindful program represents an overall healthy option for students who want healthier foods. The other icons are organic, locally grown, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian so students can understand that what they’re eating is healthy.

Twenty-four dining halls on campus serve food to students.

In Eastway, the salad bar and omelet station shows the nutritional value to students.

University Dietitian Megan Cascaldo says she hopes students take advantage of the Mindful program.

“I think that it’s a good overall program and we’re hoping to get the word out and let students know that’s something they can look for on campus.”

The Mindful icons, posters and menus can help students pick out the healthier food options on campus. It’s choices like these students can make before buying and eating the food.

For TV2 KSU, I’m Thea  Emroll.

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