Students Discover Disc Golf Course

Students Discover Disc Golf Course

In Kent, Ohio a recent addition to Kent State University’s campus is helping students get active in a new, unique way. Michael Lopick is here to tell us how disc golf is giving students a fun method to blow off steam between classes.

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Kent State University grew again with the addition of Flash Drive, a new disc golf course open to students and the surrounding community. The course, which had its grand opening on Sunday, Sept. 21, is now being discovered by curious students who are new to the sport.

Junior Global Communication major Madeline VonStein and sophomore Advertising major Jason Reeves decided to try out the new attraction after a few friends referred it to them.

“I didn’t really know what disc golf was,” said VonStein, “but it seemed like it could be fun so I went and checked the course out.”

The course begins at KSU’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center and winds throughout Kent’s senic campus. All VonStein and Reeves needed to do to begin their game was pick up a special set of Frisbees from the SRWC and walk outside to the first “hole.”

The premise of the game is true to its name: one part disc, one part golf. Each player stands at a marked platform and tries to throw a Frisbee into a standing net a great length away. Just like golf, every hole has a certain par that players strive to stay under and a unique technique necessary to score.

With 18 holes, playing the full course takes students on a trip off the beaten path through prairies and forests, taking about an hour and a half to complete.

After finishing the course, Reeves and VonStein had nothing but good things to say.

Reeves enjoyed getting to spend time away from homework with friends while participating in an interesting new sport.

“A buddy told me I should check out the course, so I took my girlfriend and we actually had a really good time,” he said.

VonStein was equally excited about getting a chance to view Kent State’s campus at its most colorful.

“It was nice to be outside and walk through campus during the fall. It was beautiful,” she said.

The course is available to any KSU for free during daylight hours. If students don’t have their own personal Frisbees, they can use their FLASHcard to rent them from the Student and Recreation Center free of charge.

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