Student enrollment drop projected

Student enrollment drop projected


The population of Kent State University is just over 29,000. With this amount of students on campus everything is running at full capacity, the Residence halls are all filled, the parking lots are full, and in most classes there are no empty seats.

But what if that changed… What if the number of students decreased by a third or even half of its current total?

With President Obama’s plan to make all community colleges free for two years this could potentially happen. This plan could cause some serious problems for not only Kent State but all universities for that mater

Kent State University is operated by the tuitions of all its students, If the number of students decreases so does the money that is used to run this university. Of its 29,000 students nearly 11,000 are freshman and sophomores, if these students were to choose to go to community college instead of going to Kent State the student population would drop to 18,000 and to put that in a monetary figure the university would loose close to 110 million dollars in revenue.

And If that were the case how will Kent State Survive? What will the university do in order to continue to operate functionally if enrollment were to decrease? What Cuts will have to be made?

Thats what I am going to find out, I am going talk to university officials and find out just how potentially detrimental President Obamas plans can be to Kent State University.

I’m Shawn Wilson for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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