Speed dating a success

Speed dating a success

Ever wondered how the world of dating would be if it went back to the days without social media? The Male Empowerment Network at Kent State set up speed dating to find out. Stefanie Kilnapp has the details.


The Male Empowerment Network, or MEN, is a student involvement organization at Kent State to support men and build their personal development. To aid that process, MEN set up Speed Dating in the Student Center.

Joe Napier is the President of the group and he said their goal was to give more meaning to first impressions .

MEN set up tables with candles for a romantic atmosphere. They gave daters a questionnaire to guide them if they felt nervous.

Sarah Moell participated in the event and met someone who she is excited to get to know more.

She said, “I wanted a one-on-one kind of thing, like a face-to-face opportunity to meet people.”

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