Showtime is Apporaching

Showtime is Apporaching


Just as your heart would beat before Stepping on stage, opening night for Kent State’s spring musical is rapidly approaching. It’s down to the crucial moments for the cast and crew of the musical as they prepare to present the world premiere of My Heart is the Drum.

This past Thursday was the first night of tech week. The week before the opening of the show, where the tech and the cast come together as one to bring all the elements of the show to the stage.

As the creators of the show sit in the audience watching their very own creation go from paper to the stage, the cast and crew are working hard to perfect every step, note and lighting cue.

They will continue perfecting the rhythm until the heart beats like a drum for the premiere night on Friday, February 20th at eight p.m in the E. Turner Sump Theatre.

I’m Raven Fulton for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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