Nutrition Changes Campus

Nutrition Changes Campus




Twenty-four dining halls on Kent State University’s campus provide students with food, beverages and snacks. One menu will transform the way students look at food.

On the second floor of the student center, Kent Market 2, provides a sign with information about healthy food options.

University Dining Services launched the Mindful program Feb. 1 to some of the dining halls. This program allows students to the icons and make a conscious decision about what they are eating and what is in the food.

University Dietian, Megan Cascaldo, says the icons stand for different food options and the apple icon represents an overall healthy option.

The Mindful program will reach out to the rest of the dining halls at a later date.

Students can look for the Mindful icons before walking into the cafeteria and picking up a tray. It’s choices like these students can make before choosing food to put on their plates and into their stomachs.

I’m Thea Emroll reporting for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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