New Organization Inspires Women to Enjoy Fitness

New Organization Inspires Women to Enjoy Fitness

In Kent, Ohio a new organization on Kent State University’s campus seeks to empower women through fitness, nutrition and sisterhood. TV2’s Michael Lopick tells us how the club encourages female students to get off the elliptical and start a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.


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The sound of women suiting up in their workout gear can be heard all around Kent State University’s campus thanks to a new organization. CHAARG, or Changing Health Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls was founded at Ohio State University and has since expanded to chapters at 14 other universities, with the latest chapter being at Kent State.

CHAARG’s mission is to help “get girls off the elliptical” and teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition classes. The organization also strives to provide female students with a supportive atmosphere where they feel comfortable challenging themselves physically alongside other women.

CHAARG now boasts the membership of more than 200 female students as more girls discover it.¬†The organization charges members 45 dollars in yearly dues that go directly toward funding the chapter’s group fitness activities.

Each week Kent CHAARG hosts a group fitness activity for all chapter members, which can vary between pilates, kettle bells and more. Members also gather weekly into small groups divided by fitness level so that beginners don’t feel self conscious around those better trained.

On top of teaching members how to properly exercise through a variety of disciplines, the club also offers nutrition classes that show them how to stay energized and keep up their fitness goals.

CHAARG member Maddie Bensinger explains how the organization encouraged her to find the fun in healthy living.

“I love being a part of Kent CHAARG because it’s a great way for girls to get together and learn more about health and fitness without the intimidations of the gym,” she said.

Due to the recent appearance KSU’s chapter of CHAARG on campus, many female students are still unaware of its various benefits.

Early Childhood Education major Kelsey Butkovic is one of those students, but after hearing about CHAARG, her interest was peaked.

“I actually didn’t know about it,” she said, “but I think it’s a really cool way for women to get involved on campus. I’d be interested to go and see what it’s all about and maybe it could be something I’d want to get involved in.”

Female students curious about joining CHAARG can find more information at

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