Kent State Upgrades Programs

Kent State Upgrades Programs

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A new generation of Kent State University is underway. Right now, Kent State is working to become a bigger, better, and stronger university in order to attract more students.

Tremendous results are already showing in incoming student numbers and the highest ever retention rate is at 81.7 percent. But this growth over the past five years is not enough, as they are still looking to improve.

One man who is battling the challenges of enrollment is the Vice President of the Office of Enrollment Management, Greg Jarvie. Jarvie is working to build its academic profile, increase its markets, and create a more personal feel.

New programs will be implemented to increase demographic numbers and recruit more prospective students. One program getting ready to launch is the alumni support program. Alumni from around the country will go to college fairs and recruit students from potential markets.

But, right here on Kent State’s main campus is where most students find their home away from home. Tour guides take prospective students around campus, and as of this year, the tour will start right here in the Student Center.

New programs to reach out to minority students and a search for more scholarships are in the works to help boost the number of students coming to Kent State.

For Broadcast Beat Reporting, I’m Paige Katrinchak.

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