From Big City New York to Rural Ohio: The Style That Never Changed

From Big City New York to Rural Ohio: The Style That Never Changed

Being his own person has never been a problem for Adison Colin.

Colin, who was born and raised just outside of Brooklyn, took the big steps his freshman year of college when he decided to name Kent his home.

A senior in the entrepreneurship program, Colin has always stood out among his peers whether it be for the better or worse.

“I think that there’s a lot less diversity here and because I have such a unique look, everybody always has a comment about it whether it’s positive or negative,” Colin said.

Standing out amongst the rest of his family from home, Colin never shied away from the spotlight that his eccentric look might bring him.

I feel more comfortable in my hometown

Adison Colin

Growing up just outside of Brooklyn, he went to a small high school called Berlin High where the majority of the students didn’t bat an eye at his outfits or different hairstyles.

“I feel more comfortable in my hometown,” Colin said, “it feels nice to stick out, but only to a certain extent.”

Where he comes from, the look of shiny bedazzled belts and rainbow colored hair is merely an everyday thing.

Recently, Colin won a lawsuit against `a local apartment complex.

What does he do with that money you may ask? Buy an antique velvet red couch probably wasn’t one of your top answers.

His look is more than just the way he dresses, but also the way he furnishes his apartment.

Luckily for Colin, his roommates get as much enjoyment out of the classic couch as he does.

“I’m influenced by all of the people I’ve ever met, like for instance, if I met you in sixth grade and you are wearing a cool belt and I wear that same belt to this day, that’s how people that I’ve met over the years influence me,” Colin explained.

Adison never shies away from jewelry, as you can always find him with at least four necklaces on.

Of all of it though, his favorite jewelry he owns is his grills. He dedicates them to a friend he lost in 2018.

The purple was for my best friend, Julie, she passed away in 2018 but I still try to keep some of her with me.

Adison Colin

“The purple was for my best friend, Julie, she passed away in 2018 but I still try to keep some of her with me,” Colin Said .”She was the only person who I felt like I could be completely myself around.”

When first arriving, Colin noticed the difference between Brooklyn and Kent almost immediately.

“Because there isn’t any buses or trains and subways or anything like that, I thought it was really hard to get around and really do anything. It was just weird not seeing other people who look like me or from all of the different cultures that I was used to,” Colin said.

With no future plans in the works for him to move back to Brooklyn, he does not plan to change his style, only modify it in case he wants to be more relaxed.

“The only thing that I changed about the way I dress is to be more comfortable,” Colin said, “something that I can just go to class in hungover or just a day where I’m really tired and I don’t want to dress nice, just be more comfortable instead.”

How he thinks he stands out is that he wears things that most people never see. To him, it isn’t about the money of the article of clothing.

“People think that some of my clothes are really expensive, when in reality most of them are pretty cheap. It just are things that people have never seen, so they assume that they must cost a lot,” Colin explained.

With his degree in entrepreneurship, his goal is to start his own non-profit charity organization to help people in need get a jump start in their lives.

None of this has really ever been about him from the way he dresses to the goals in his life. He just is trying to accomplish the ultimate goal: being a good person and sharing the idea of being positive.

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